Licensed by the Central Bank of Lesotho, in terms of section 12 of Payment Systems Act No. 55 of 2014. Chaperone is Technological Company and issuer of Electronic Payment Instruments through its platforms.

One of its platforms is C-Pay.

At your convenience, you can deposit, send and receive money using C-Pay, while also taking care of your utility bills.

Chaperone Limited is a highly customer-centric financial services company licensed by the Central Bank of Lesotho as an issuer of Electronic Payment instrument in terms of section 12 of the Payment Systems Act No. 55 of 2014.

Our purpose

To connect people and businesses through opportunity and convenience in a global economy.

Our vision

We forge strong linkages with our partners and communities to be a leading customer-centric platforms provider.

Our Mission

To provide seamless and secure digital platforms for everyday use – Seen and Unseen.

Our Values

  • We constantly work towards being one with the customer. Our quest is to ensure that we are always in-sync with our customers’ needs and desires.


  • We recruit, develop and keep the brightest and innovative minds — brilliant minds working together always yields smart solutions that motivate and keep creative juices flowing. We never stop learning because our company is only as good as the new ideas and information we absorb. The End Game is to achieve big audacious goals and innovating as we go.


  • We always ask ourselves “What If We’re Wrong” and “What Could Go Wrong?” We are daily on a quest to find points against our thinking and beliefs. The outcome from this analysis will lead to better judgment. We believe in thorough risk analysis before executing. We only take calculated risks and this is a dynamic process that requires continuous analysis.


  • We strive to achieve attractive returns for our shareholders. We have to deliver great results in order to earn our shareholders’ trust and loyalty. We maintain high standards at all times while being resourceful with our limited resources. We are the custodians of their assets and we must strive to ensure good yields on these assets.

Our business concept


    We constantly strive to meet customers’ pressing needs and constantly revise our models and processes.

    • LIGHT

    We refuse to re-invent the wheel but rather we leverage on existing digital technologies to better serve our clients.


      Our digital business models are able to transcend sectors and national borders. Scalable: Our digital platforms can accommodate large amounts of traffic.