Transact with C-Pay

Transfer money from your C-PAY account to another C-PAY account
Pay merchant
Pay for goods and services at the merchant store using your money in C-PAY
Take Cash
Withdraw money from C-PAY account at the agent
Cash In
Deposit money into your C-Pay account in order to transact

C-Pay Payments as a service

About Us
Licensed by the Central Bank of Lesotho, in terms of section 12 of Payment Systems Act No. 55 of 2014. Chaperone is Technological Company and issuer of Electronic Payment Instruments through its platforms.

One of its platforms is C-Pay.

At your convenience, you can deposit, send and receive money using C-Pay, while also taking care of your utility bills.

C-Pay E-Commerce
Integrate C-Pay payment gateway to your website for quick secure payments from your customers
C-Pay for Business
We stand out as an enabler of business by allowing businesses to collect premiums and provide loans using our platform.

"We never stop learning because our company is only as good as the new ideas and information we absorb"