What is PIECE JOB?

We are a platform where customers and service providers, including freelancers come together to help each other with their deal struggles. As customers have needs, skilled consultants and expertise offer appropriate solutions to the customers’ requests.

What am I able to do on Piece Job Platform?

You are able to contact consultants about the service you need as a customer. At the same time you can switch to a professional (Consultant) account. As a customer, you are provided with a variety of payment options to use within the App.

How does this platform solve my everyday problems?

As a consultant, Piece Job gives you access to a wider market whereas as a customer, you are provided with a wider range of verified suppliers.

Privacy Ensured

Conversations remain private between customers and consultants.

Guaranteed Payments

Until both parties have confirmed their satisfaction, payments are withheld, and can only be released once the confirmation has been made.

Why should I choose this Platforms over any others to solve my problems?

We do not only ensure you of our reliability and security of your payments, but also efficiency and convenience.

How do you register?

Download App from Google Play Store.